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Are there water activities?

Each day we open up our Foam Zone! We encourage campers to bring swimwear and towels if they are interested in participating in this water activity.

When can I drop-off and pick-up my child?

Drop off is anytime from 8:30-9:00 AM, and pickup is anytime from 3:00-3:45 PM

How do you ensure safety during pickup?

All families are given codes that authorize the release of their child. Adults at pickup present the code to our staff who confirm they are authorized to pickup your child!

What if my child is late or absent?

There is no need to call the camp if your child is absent or late.  There is always staff at the front desk who will get campers arriving late to their group or activity.  

What if I need to pick my child up early?

If you need to pick your child up early, you can notify us at drop off, email us at, or try our camp line at 203-715-3774.  We will do our best to have your child packed up and ready to go.

Are there drinks and snacks available throughout the day?

Every day we provide plenty of water and a frozen snack for all campers.  In addition, we also have a camp store that provides cold drinks and other snacks available for purchase.

Are there any hot lunch options?

Each week there are a variety of hot lunch options available for purchase. These typically include West Little League concession stand, and The Dawg Tour Hot Dogs! Information is emailed weekly and posted on our social media about these options. 

How can families be involved in the Camp Korp community?

Each summer, we hold a special Family Night event to celebrate our loyal community! This typically happens during the first week of August!


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