Weekly Camp

Weekly Camp

Secure a spot and register before March 31, 2020 to take advantage of our early bird promotions. See promotions page for addional information, thanks for visiting Camp Korp Southington, FIND YOUR FUN IN 2021 !


TEAM COLOR INFO:  Team color choice is available to ensure friends can be placed in the same group.  RED, BLUE, ORANGE, & PURPLE are recommended for 5th grade and up.  GREEN, YELLOW, GRAY, & PINK are recommended for 4th grade and down.  BLACK denotes no preference and child will be placed on team with available space.  

  • Registration Help

    1. Registering more than 1 child for the same week, simply add the first child to your cart, click Checkout, in Your Cart click CONTINUE SHOPPING and then add the next child to the same week.

    2. Registering 1 child for diffent weeks, simply add the first week to your cart, click Checkout, in Your Cart click CONTINUE SHOPPING  to add addional weeks. 

    3. Registering multiple children and multiple weeks, simply register each child/week individually, after clicking Add to Cart, go to Your Cart and click CONTINUE SHOPPING to add addional children/weeks.




Team Color